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by James on The Den Atlanta

I went for the first time this past Thanksgiving. I wanted to thank the sexy bearded guy at the front desk for being patient and kind towards me. I was nervous, but he made me feel better about coming in. I didn't get into anything, but the space and the men were nice to look at. I look forward to visiting again. Please inform the front desk guy of my appreciation.J

by james on The Den Atlanta
I love this place

nice place to come and have your freak on. Very clean and enticing. will definitely come back

by ARA on The Den Atlanta
Propose Friday/Saturday/Sunday all naked nights

Just my 2 cents: I would like to propose that the entire weekend: Friday/Saturday/Sunday be all Naked nights! If not Friday: Wednesday night be all naked night.

Saturdays and Sundays are Butt Naked nights. All other nights are underwear optional nights.

Got My Life!

Man did I ever get my life there on a Sunday night. Got there a little later than I had anticipated and the butt-naked cuties were already on the prowl. Was standing in the door of one of the private rooms when one phat ass cutie grab my dick and pulled me in the room. Dude got on all fours. His ass was already lubed! Throwing caution to the wind, because I was horny as hell, I slid 10 inches of thick dick in that hole and pounded until I nutted! Damn I got my life that night!

by Demarco on The Den Atlanta
My experience

I just want to say that I really enjoy my time here at the den twice this past weekend while I was visiting here in Atlanta however I was just a little bit disappoint when I saw a couples of white guys there when it said that it was a place for men of color to have a good time. The program just need to follow their rules I look forward to visiting the club again soon

Hello Demarco,
I very happy you enjoyed yourself, however, our policy is that our atmosphere and music caters to men of color, not we only allow men of color.


I went on January 28th, and for a first timer, yes I was a little bit shy and uncomfortable in the beginning. The check in went smoothly and a young gentleman was very professional, gave me the run down on rules/policies. Also gave me warning on what to expect..."a gentlemen's club" I guess me having such an innocent face and I did my research and was aware of but I did appreciate his efforts of going out the way to explain. My experience, overall was decent. It was nude night so, to bare all was uneasy at first, however, once you roam around, the different types of rooms and MEN that socializing and enjoying the company of others, it was quite an experience! The only two things I want to comment on is certain areas need just a tad bit lightening. I, a few times collidedinto some guys when I was walking around. And the other thing which is personally and I regret was a particular FINE guy that stated his interest in me, I had passed up because of the miscommunication...Oh, well, there's always a next time and I will be sure to visit again once I'm in Atlanta. Keep The Den going!!!!

The new guy is great, however, with a new guy along comes people that won't respect him which is where security comes in. Guys are not following dress code, guys walking around with their phones, guys smoking e-cigs, and all this was this past sunday 11/27. I see that there are changes coming in new year, all type Tuesdays, hopefully this means that your will be more restrictive during the other nights or at least one night of restrictions. I mean thick boy Thursdays have started to roll over into Friday, Saturday and Sunday no all types Tuesday. I was told that back in Decatur days guys were afraid to approach this spot without being on point now the on point dudes can't get one night. Aren't you a cater to all organization. ---------------- The Den Atlanta Feedback:Thank you for your feedback. I'm thankful the new guy seems to be doing well. As for security, I will address that issue immediately to ensure that all members are following ALL rules. In addition I have spoken with the new front desk staff member in regards to the Height/Weight policy and all guidelines will be enforced going forward. However, with that being said, what is consider "on point" to you may not be the same for others. Yes, The Den Atlanta embraces diversity so there will never be a night that each member is for every member. Different people like different shit.

by Kenny on The Den Atlanta

Hey guys, you really need to stick to the height/weight proportion policy. There's a reason y'all set up Thick Thursdays right?That being said, it is here that I have seen the BIGGEST dicks of my life.

by ARA on The Den Atlanta
Naked Fridays

Hey Brotha Man, I bet you Friday nights would still draw a big crowd, and be off the chain, if policy was all naked night, just like Saturday and Sunday. If that's not the case compromise a little and make Wed night all naked. From my observation, Brother are less inhibited, and quickly get into action faster when completely naked! Just my opinion and suggestion! The Den is a great place, for entertainment and relaxation for Black Men to be free and secured! Owner & Staff, thanks for all you do!!!!

by Jason on The Den Atlanta

Been a den customer since 2010 back when it was on the East Side. Ive noticed a few changes.There are more white men now. I dont have any issue with non men of color entering, but my problem is that most of the white guys aren't attractive or respectful. I felt disrespected and harrassed by a white guy that would not take no for an answer.I agree with everyone else saying make Friday nights nude night. When its an underwear night you get a lot of guys who just want to visit the den just to say they went. It becomes an after club hang out spot and not a freak zone. Lots of chatty pattys and wall flowers. -------------------- The Den Atlanta feedback:I appreciate your feedback regarding this particular situation. We ask that you report any incident of this nature at the time of the incident to ensure the individual can be reprimended/ banned if necessary. Advising us after the fact (via website) does not allow us the opportunity to address the situation with the individual in question. I have received consistent feedback regarding Butt Naked Fridays and it is definitely a possibility.

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