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What should I expect when I come inside?

You will be greeted by a friendly staff member, asked for your ID and whether you are a member.  If not, you will be asked to complete a membership application.  Then, you will be provided with a key to a locker (12×12) and towel.  Each night we have a dress code that must be followed in order to maintain the integrity of all members present.  Be sure to ask before entering the facility.  There are various rooms for you to explore alone or with other members present.

Do you have to be a member?

Yes, since we are a membership based non-profit organization, everyone entering the facility are required to join and become a member based on local and state laws.

How does one become a member?

It’s simple, you can download an application and BRING IT WITH YOU on the night you are interested in exploring the facility.  There is a one-time application fee of $20 plus the cover for your first night’s visit.  Each additional visit ranges from $5 – $15 depending on when you come, please check the Hours of Operation page for more information. There are NO DISCOUNTS ON HOLIDAY WEEKENDS!!!

Is my information secure and safe?

Yes, all records and information regarding past and current members if kept in strict confidence.  Due to local and state laws, we are required to maintain a roster/database of member’s name, date of birth, and their age to ensure no one under the age of 18 has ever entered the facility.  We also keep a list of email addresses for those wishing to be kept abreast of events, activities, and specials we may offer from time to time.  We value the rights and privacy of all our members, past and present.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do, AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Is this a bathhouse?

No, there are no aquatic amenities (i.e. hot tubs, swimming pool, steam room, etc.), however we do have showers for members to enjoy by themselves or with others and get wet and wild.

Do you offer towels?

Yes, we provide a hand towel to every member as they enter the facility.

What kind of men can I expect to meet?

It really depends on when you come; we have everything from sexy college students who enjoy topping or bottoming or anything in between.  Then, we have the mature and seasoned men from both white collar and blue collar jobs who need to leave the office for a quickie or cum off the factory line and sweat some on their own. Men of color (and those who love them) come in different sizes, shapes, endowments, and inhibitions.  While there is a large selection of men from night to night, we are sure someone will be pleasing to your interest or you could simply meet a new acquaintance.

When does all of this happen?

Join us for our lunch time sessions Tues thru Sat from 11am – 3pm for those who prefer daytime fun or can’t come in the evening.  You are welcome to stay as long as we are open and have all the fun you can imagine. However, from Wednesday to Sunday, you are sure to find big dicks, little dicks, phat asses, skinny bois, bear types, and the daddies – all in one place with one thing on their mind – YOU.

Can I expect to be approached by other members?

That really depends on you and how you present yourself, some guys are very guarded and discrete, while others are very open and friendly.  Everyone enters with the same intentions, to have a good time with other members and explore those desires and interests they have kept buried inside themselves.  Nevertheless, at the end of the day, “NO always means NO” and you don’t have to do anything with anyone unless you want to.

Do you have rooms for rent?

Unfortunately, we do not offer rooms for rent.  However, we have rooms where members may go to have exclusive sessions with another member or group of members.  In addition, we have provided links to nearby hotels for those traveling to the city or need to continue the fun once they leave the facility.

Is The Den Atlanta a smoke-free facility?

Yes, there is no smoking of any kind allowed on or around the facilities. Also, NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, OR ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY is allowed on or around the premises and those participating in such are subjecting themselves to be removed and barred from the facility and arrested by local authorities.